Question a Landlord Should Ask Tenants before Hiring

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landlordssolutionsHiring higher quality tenant is very difficult. There are many ways that you can find potential tenants for your rental property like you can use formal applications that applicants will fill giving you their personal details and information. You can then use the details to know which candidate is best to hire as renter for your investment property. It is very important to screen tenants to check their backgrounds, past credit records, criminal record, past eviction records and much more. But apart from that you have to ask right questions to your tenants also so that you will be able to find out which applicant is best to hire. After selecting some of the best applicants you should ask questions to them which will help you to identify the potential tenant and can hire them for your rental house. So, here are some common yet important questions you should ask to the tenants before handover the keys to them:

Why are you moving?

The very first question you should ask to the applicant is why they are moving? At first it seems like it is none of your business but when you will listen to the answers you will get to know that how much it is important to ask. You watch out for the tenants who have bad relationship with their previous landlord. So, beware of the candidates who are making complaints about their current location rather you must look for a genuine reason like they need larger place for family etc. If they are giving you a valid and genuine reason then you can move ahead with such tenants.

When do you plan on moving in?

If the tenants say next day or next week that means they aren’t a good planner. Most of the landlords require 30 days’ notice from their tenants before leaving the place and you surely don’t wanted to be the next landlord of such tenants who only got last moment notice for leaving the home and then will face problems for finding tenants.

Can is ask for references from your former landlord or employer?

You can ask the applicant that you want some references either from your prior landlord or employer. If the candidate refuses to provide you reference or makes excuses then you should move on. Always prefer references from former landlord or the employer to know about the tenant. This will be more helpful for you to decide whether to hire them or not.

How much you earn?

What is the income of a person is literally none of our business but it does for the landlord as he has to run his business. And if the tenant won’t be able to pay rent on time then you will be in great trouble or can also go through eviction process. So, ask them about their salary or how much they earn. The tenants’ income should be three times more than the rental charge so that you can hope that the tenant will be able to pay the rent on time.

These are some important questions you must ask your tenant for your Baltimore rental property. But if you don’t want to go through such tedious process and also want to hire higher-quality tenants for your rental property then you should hire property management company Baltimore. They will help you to find the right tenant and also manage your property in awesome way.

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